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We pride ourselves on providing leaders for clients as staffing solutions. It is important that we help our clients find the right staff for the right seats in their organization. We staff from corporate clients to the local business owners. It is important to us that our staff find employment opportunities that help them to advance in their careers. Our training programs equip them with extra skills needed to progress through the workplace and establish careers. Our professional team of staffing agents boasts years of experience in Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action, Leadership training and development, and excellent marketing skills. All of our expertise is leveraged to train and develop candidates as leaders, as well as, improve our client's excellent staff to add value to their company. 

About Us

We Believe Everyone Can Be A Leader

After dedicating over 20 years to being a public school educator and administrator, Tiffaney Whipple decided to help develop leaders in a different way. The Cenacle Leadership Group was founded in 2016 with the vision of training, developing and hiring individuals to be leaders in the education workforce and expanded to encompass various industries to meet a wider need. Matching individuals with specific skill sets to companies and organizations who need reliable and dependable employees is our mission. We partner with employers to assist  with hiring qualified candidates.