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Supporting Schools and Empowering Students

Cenacle Leadership Group was founded to support and inspire students to be leaders in schools and their communities. It is important as and education company to support our partner schools who nurture our nation’s most valuable asset - our children. CLG team members are trained leaders who make effective use of class time and help facilitate a sense of belonging for students and a good school culture. 


Cenacle has changed the way substitute teaching is done by incorporating instruction and behavior management in the classroom when the regular teacher takes time off. Our team members leverage prepared lesson plans when needed, that support a positive school culture. There is never any “down-time” because our leaders are prepared to keep students engaged.

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Our mission is to provide schools with diverse leaders who deliver quality instruction, utilize evidenced-based behavior management techniques and demonstrate leadership. We accomplish this through authentic engagement with our team members by valuing them as inspirational classroom leaders who support our partner schools’ overall culture.  


To support schools with leaders and empower students with leadership skills  to ensure valuable education experiences everyday.

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Cenacle's Leadership

Cenacle's Founder, Tiffaney Whipple has been an educator since 2000, serving in various education roles throughout the midwest and northeast regions. The roles she has held are science & math teacher, academic advisor, guidance counselor, postsecondary director, instructional coach, assistant principal and lead principal. Many of these positions were served in an alternative education setting. Still a teacher at heart, she enjoys training and developing new leaders. She understands the need for leadership, both in society and in our schools. Therefore, she created Cenacle Leadership Group to help aspiring teacher transition into the world of education as leaders in classrooms.