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Cenacle Leadership Group (Cenacle) is an award-winning social enterprise, that addresses the real and dire need for quality and diverse educators in the K-12 classroom.  We support schools and empower students. 


On the belief that a new approach to these services is required, Cenacle takes a human-centered approach to educator recruitment and development, which is a collaborative approach to a career pathway that addresses the global need for quality and diversity of K-12 educators. 

In 2022, Cenacle received the Education Consulting Award for Jenkintown, PA

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In 2022, Tiffaney Whipple received an Outstanding Leadership in Education award.


Cenacle Leadership Group collaborates and partners to provide an impactful education experience that ensures school success, improved educator experience, and student academic achievement.



Positively impacting global education

Cenacle's Core Values


As we feel safe and comfortable being our authentic self without offending others, we encourage students to do the same.


We believe that real student engagement is rooted in the discovery of their passion. When we pursue our passions, we never work a day in our lives. 


We believe that it is our responsibility as adults to prepare the youth of today to be strong, effective leaders. In order to do so, we must be those type of leaders ourselves. 


We understand that we are not all the same; yet, we bring value to the collective team and belong.


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