Cenacle Education Solutions (CES) has changed the way substitute teaching is done by actually incorporating instruction and behavior management in the classroom when the regular teacher takes some time off. The purpose of CES is to inspire and equip students to lead with respect and to think critically when making decisions. There is never any “down-time” because CES team members facilitate leadership lessons & activities to make effective use of class time once the planned lesson is completed.



Cenacle Education Solution’s vision is to create better communities across America by empowering youth with leadership skills and inspiring a desire for unity.




Cenacle Education Solutions provides schools with trained leaders to deliver quality instruction and effectively manage classrooms when the regular teacher takes some time off. This is done by always having a leadership lesson plan ready to ensure there is no “down time” in the classroom.


CES Core Values



As we feel safe and comfortable being our authentic self without offending others, we encourage students to do the same.



We understand that we are not all the same; yet, we bring value to the collective team and belong.



We believe that real student engagement is rooted in the discovery of their passion. When we pursue our passions, we never work a day in our lives. 



We believe that it is our responsibility as adults to prepare the youth of today to be strong, effective leaders. In order to do so, we must be those type of leaders ourselves.

Benefits of Working with CES as a Team member

  • You choose when you work

  • Leadership training to prepare you for the role 

  • A leadership curriculum to utilize when you go into schools

  • Less behavior issues because an actual curriculum is provided

  • You get to make a difference in the world of teaching without the pressure of accountability testing

  • Your choice of what leadership lessons you will teach.


Qualifying Requirements

Background Clearances

  • Criminal History Check

  • FBI fingerprinting

  • Sex offender registry check

  • Child abuse clearance

  • Medical (physical & TB)



  • Transcripts from colleges/universities

  • Previous employment 



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