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School Partner FAQs

  • Exactly, how does Cenacle Leadership Group Services Work?"
    We recruit, interview, qualify and train substitute teachers to be leaders in the classroom. Our team members (substitutes) are hired employees; therefore, we can determine the quality of service provided to our partner schools.
  • How do the team members (substitutes) incorporate the leadership workshops into the day?
    Every team member is trained to be a highly effective leader in a classroom. They are able to manage a classroom and deliver instruction. If there isn’t a lesson plan available, or if the provided lesson ends earlier than expected, the team member has access to a bank of leadership lesson plans/workshops they will use to keep students on task. There is no downtime.
  • How does the online EZ School Apps platform work?
    Whoever manages teacher coverage for your school will post the job assignment in the EZ School Apps platform. The CLG Team Members will be notified of the assignments through email or text message.
  • Can we request specific team members (substitutes)?
    Absolutely! If you are impressed with a team member, you can request their services specifically.
  • Is there a fee for contracting with Cenacle?
    No. We only invoice when our team members come into your school and provide coverage.
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