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Supporting Schools and Empowering Students

Cenacle Leadership Group (CLG) provides diverse leaders within schools that facilitate continuity of learning and cultural priorities. Led by the CLG core values (Authenticity, Engagement, Preparation, and Belonging) we are committed to students and staff. As leaders in the education consulting space since 2016, Cenacle specializes in placing qualified leaders in daily, long-term, and permanent K-12 charter and private schools. Our team members provide support services to thousands of students to ensure our partner schools provide a valuable education experience every day.

With 20+ years of educational and leadership experience, The Managing Director and Founder of CLG, has a proven history of driving growth and enhancing the culture in many organizations. The 40 years of combined educational and management experience of CLG’s leadership team has innovated education staffing to provide leaders to schools and professional opportunities to passionate team members. Our partner schools receive hands-on management, technological solutions, program analytics, and reporting. CLG team members have the ability to work in diverse school cultures with comprehensive training, and flexible work schedules. 

Cenacle Leadership Group

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