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Our Critical Partners 


Partnering with Cenacle

Cenacle Leadership Group provides educator (substitute and paraprofessional) services to your school. Partnering with our agency takes staffing and recruitment efforts off of the school administrator’s “things-to-do” list and allots them more time to focus on running the school. Being that there is a shortage of teachers across the US, when a teacher calls out for any length of time, there is a dire need to have a quality professional to step in and provide leadership and classroom management. This cuts down on discipline issues and the loss of effective instruction. Cenacle takes care of that by providing trained leaders to step in to (1) Manage the classroom effectively by fostering respectful relationships and (2) Always having constructive lessons that inspire the students to step up as leaders. The leadership lessons CLG provides are utilized when there is not a lesson plan left by the regular teacher or when the planned lesson does not last the entire class time.

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