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Cenacle Education Solutions (CES) has changed the way substitute teaching is done by actually incorporating instruction and behavior management in the classroom when the regular teacher takes some time off. The purpose of CES is to inspire and equip students to lead with respect and to think critically when making decisions. There is never any “down-time” because CES team members are trained leaders who facilitate leadership lessons & activities to make effective use of class time once the planned lesson is completed.



Tiffaney Whipple has been an educator since 2000, serving in various roles throughout the midwest and northeast regions. The roles she has held are science & math teacher, academic advisor, guidance counselor, postsecondary director, instructional coach, assistant principal and lead principal. Many of these positions were served in an alternative education setting. Still a teacher at heart, she enjoys training and developing new leaders. She understands the need for leadership, both in society and in our schools. Therefore, she created Cenacle Education Solutions.


As we feel safe and comfortable being our authentic self without offending others, we encourage students to do the same.


We believe that real student engagement is rooted in the discovery of their passion. When we pursue our passions, we never work a day in our lives. 


We believe that it is our responsibility as adults to prepare the youth of today to be strong, effective leaders. In order to do so, we must be those type of leaders ourselves. 


We understand that we are not all the same; yet, we bring value to the collective team and belong.



Our Mission is to provide schools with trained leaders who deliver quality instruction and effectively manage classrooms when the regular teacher is out. This is done by always having a leadership lesson plan ready to ensure there is no “downtime” in the classroom.


Cenacle Education Solutions would like to provide substitute & paraprofessional services to your school. Being that there is a shortage of teachers across the US, when a teacher calls out for any length of time, there is a dire need to have a quality substitute to be able to step in and provide leadership & classroom management. This cuts down on discipline issues and the loss of effective instruction. Cenacle takes care of that by providing trained leaders to step in to (1) Manage the classroom effectively by fostering respectful relationships and (2) Always having constructive lessons that inspire the students to step up as leaders. The leadership lessons CES provides are utilized when there is not a lesson plan left by the regular teacher or when the planned lesson does not last the entire class time.



  •  All team members come with a lesson for the day(s) of coverage (just in case)

  • Easy online platform for posting substitute needs

  • You no longer have to manage substitute lesson plans unless desired

  • Fewer classroom disruptions because all team members are trained in effective classroom management techniques

  • Students are sharpening leadership skills; no more “babysitting”

  • Many of the team members are certified or on the path to certification 



  • Facilitated Leadership workshops “as needed” basis provided by the CES Team Members

  • Long-term substitute teaching

  • Paraprofessional Services

  • Summer Programming

  • School-wide workshop programming

  • School-wide consultancy to determine the solutions that best suit the needs of the school.


CES has an extensive hiring process. This enables us to train, coach and develop the substitute staff who will come into the classrooms to manage the needs. Our staff not only demonstrates leadership, but also teaches it when applicable. All CES Team Members have the necessary clearances required by the state of Pennsylvania and have been vetted by Cenacle Education Solutions.


CES uses the EZ School Application System for schools to post their substitute needs. Our team members are able to go directly into the system to accept job openings. This aids in streamlining to process for our partner schools' needs.


Daily rates are based on the experience & educational level of the substitute or paraprofessional.