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Our Critical Partners 


We wholeheartedly acknowledge the immense importance of our critical partners in supporting and enhancing our school services. As we passionately strive to shape the future of education, our collaboration becomes paramount in advocating for equitable learning opportunities. Together, we are on a mission to revolutionize the learning experience, leveraging our expertise, innovative solutions, and your invaluable support.

Partner Services

Diversity and Inclusion

Perceptions Unlimited offers training and consulting, coaching, and strategic planning to assist organizations meet diversity and equity goals. We specialize in teaching organizations how to leverage cultural competence system-wide working with leaders, staff and those you serve.

For more information please visit

Information Technology

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SG Technology Group offers an array of IT Services for your organization that can help you to have more time to help those who need you most. We access our client's organizations to put together a combination of services and IT strategies tailor-made to fit their needs.

For more information please visit

Mental and Emotional Wellnes

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NOS Consulting is specializing in mental health services and workshops. We provide the initial assessment as well as ongoing counseling and therapeutic services to children, adolescents and adults ranging from 3 years of age through adulthood.


For more information please visit their website @

School Security

The front line defenders of security and peace; with a vigilant attention to duty.

Proactive engagement in order to defuse situations that pose a threat to the customer.

For more information please visit their website @

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