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Cenacle Leadership Group

Staffing and Placement of Educators

Educator Development

21st Century Skills Programming


School Principal


I have been working with Cenacle Leadership Group for over two years. Tiffaney is highly professional, responsive to my school's needs, and communicates effectively. It is evident that she takes the time to hire quality candidates to represent her company. In addition, she is personable and provides quality customer service. 

Substitute Staff Manager


Cenacle has come through time and time again for Greene Street Friends School. We’ve made requests months away and minutes before, Cenacle has provided each time. When coverage is not available, the level of communication that is provided is beyond exceptional! 

Director of Curriculum & Instruction


Maddie has now subbed for us three times and we are thrilled with her.  A huge weight has been lifted from us knowing a reliable sub can be accessed easily.  The process for requesting a sub is easy and efficient and teachers feel good knowing they can be out of school without burdening other teachers.


When a teacher calls out for any length of time, there is a dire need to have a qualified professional to step in and provide leadership and classroom management. Cenacle Leadership Group addresses this need with educator staffing services (substitute teachers and paraprofessionals). Cenacle services address teacher shortages, attrition, burn-out, and classroom support while ensuring strong student academic outcomes. All Cenacle team members have the necessary required clearances and have been vetted.


Our engagements address the pain points of behavior management and the loss of instructional time by providing educators who are prepared to manage the classroom effectively. Cenacle team members foster respectful relationships and leverage leadership lessons that inspire the students to step up as leaders and support the school culture. The leadership lessons are accessible to the Cenacle staff when one is not available or when the original lesson plan does not last the entire class period. Our team members not only demonstrate leadership, they also teach it!


Cenacle provides a FREE (24/7) absence management platform to our partner schools. Our system brings efficiencies by streamlining the absence management process for our partner schools' needs. This system directly addresses the pain point of schools having to notify a provider directly of their educator needs. They post their needs to the platform, and our educators are alerted immediately and can accept assignments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


Administrative Relief

  • Easy online platform for posting substitute needs. Our fully integrated absence management platform streamlines the process. 

  • We recruit, screen, hire, train, and place qualified staff while investing in advanced systems to improve program efficiency.

Improved Fill Rate

  • Your talent pool will grow as a result of a customized engagement developed specifically for your school. 

Qualified, Prepared Team Members

  • Our talent pool includes individuals with diverse backgrounds, experience, and skills. 


Customer Service

  • Your school will benefit from CLG’s unique management structure, designed to best benefit your school and students. A dedicated local management team, corporate resources, and live support representatives will serve your school daily.

Classroom Management and School  Culture

  • All team members have access to emergency leadership lesson plans just in case the original plan doesn’t last the entire class period.

  • Fewer classroom disruptions because all team members are trained in effective classroom management techniques.


Cenacle specializes in placing qualified diverse candidates in schools as leaders in both daily and long-term positions with the potential for permanent placement. Cenacle trains, coaches, and develops educators to manage the needs of  schools. Our extensive team development process allows our team members to effectively support thousands of students and ensure our partner schools provide a valuable education experience every day. 

Job Candidate

What We Do...

Cenacle fully supports our team members' placement in your workforce, as a pillar of our services and added value to our partner schools. We are committed to supporting the community, schools, and students by bringing diverse qualified candidates to the education field. 


We source for qualified professionals and collaborate to ensure they are a great addition to your team. As a professional employer organization service that focuses on the talent acquisition, Cenacle addresses this pain-point so school leadership can focus on providing a quality education experience.


1. The Process

Our talent acquisition process is built with your school's pain points top of mind. Unlike many other professional employer organizations, we have spent time in the school and truly understand its culture. This allows us to provide a customized service for your school's talent needs. In this partnership, we do all of the talent acquisition work so you don't have to spend time hiring until you are sure someone is a good fit.

NOTE: Although they vary from business to business, turnover costs can range from tens of thousands of dollars to more than 1.5 to 2 times one’s salary.

2. Vetting 

We creatively source, interview, and ensure the candidates meet the required qualifications, have the experiences, and clearance requirements to support your school. We provide candidates based on your needs and employ these candidates until you are confident they are an asset to your organization.

3. Placement

Traditionally, after a set amount of time as a Cenacle team member, they are then released to be hired permanently by schools. Our partner schools - those we contract with- get a "relationship rate" which is a negotiated rate based on industry standards.


Reduce the cost of talent acquisition

  • Improve cost and time to hire

  • Increase placement of candidates that “fit” the school's needs

Improved resources allocation

  • Decrease indirect costs of hiring

  • Focus resources to students needs

Reduce burnout and bad attrition

  • Improve teacher satisfaction

  • Increase teacher preparation time

Improved education equity

  • Increase quality and diversity of staff

  • Improved Special Ed compliance


Cenacle educator development approach utilizes the Charlotte Danielson Framework.   We engage with school leaders to identify opportunities to support teachers that include but are not limited to classroom management, engaging students, and meeting student academic goals. 

Cenacle creates a customized coaching/mentoring and evaluation model for teachers in all phases of their careers, especially new teachers. 

Let's get started, contact Cenacle for a FREE consultation today! 


Using project-based learning (PBL), our academic programming addresses college and career readiness standards, student engagement, and academic outcomes. In addition, our programming encourages and empowers students to find solutions to community and global issues.


The PBL model is used to:

  • Address pandemic learning loss

  • Improve academic outcomes

  • Facilitate solution-oriented approaches to problems

  • Preparation for further academic study and careers 


Student Outcomes:

  • Academic Engagement

  • Professional and Career Introduction

  • Soft Skill Development

  • Subject Matter Expert Exposure

Let's get started, contact Cenacle for a FREE consultation today! 

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