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School Principal


I have been working with Cenacle Leadership Group for over two years. Tiffaney is highly professional, responsive to my school's needs, and communicates effectively. It is evident that she takes the time to hire quality candidates to represent her company. In addition, she is personable and provides quality customer service. 

Substitute Staff Manager


Cenacle has come through time and time again for Greene Street Friends School. We’ve made requests months away and minutes before, Cenacle has provided each time. When coverage is not available, the level of communication that is provided is beyond exceptional! 

Director of Curriculum & Instruction


Maddie has now subbed for us three times and we are thrilled with her.  A huge weight has been lifted from us knowing a reliable sub can be accessed easily.  The process for requesting a sub is easy and efficient and teachers feel good knowing they can be out of school without burdening other teachers.


When a teacher calls out for any length of time, there is a dire need to have a qualified professional to step in and provide leadership and classroom management. Cenacle Leadership Group services address these needs. with educator staffing services (substitute teachers and paraprofessionals). Cenacle services address teacher shortages, attrition, burn-out, and classroom support while ensuring strong student academic outcomes. All Cenacle team members have the necessary required clearances and have been vetted.

Cenacle Educators have access to prepared culture and leadership on-demand lesson plans created by our team to ensure we are prepared and there is no “downtime” in the classroom.



Cenacle leverages technology to create a seamless educator request process.  Our absence management platform efficiencies by streamlining the absence management process for our partner schools' needs. This system directly addresses the pain point of schools having to notify a provider directly of their educator needs. They post their needs to the platform, and our educators are alerted immediately and can accept assignments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 



We are committed to supporting the community, schools, and students by providing diverse qualified candidates access to the educational career opportunities. And source for passionate candidates with a skills and leadership based approach to ensure they are an impactful value-add. Cenacle specializes in placing qualified diverse candidates in schools as leaders in both daily and long-term positions with the potential for permanent placement. 

We train, coach, and develop our educators to support school cultures and impact academic outcomes. Our Cenacle Educator Pathway allows our team members to gain the needed educator skills need to be effective in the classroom.

Job Candidate

Cenacle fully supports our team members' placement in your workforce, as a pillar of our services and added value to our partner schools. Our talent acquisition process is built with your school's pain points top of mind.  We spend time in collaboration to truly understand your  culture and talent acquisitions needs. This allows us to provide a “bespoke” approach to service for your school's talent needs.






The Cenacle educator development approach utilizes the Charlotte Danielson Framework.   We engage with school leaders to identify opportunities to support teachers that include but are not limited to classroom management, engaging students, and meeting student academic goals. 

Cenacle creates a customized coaching/mentoring and evaluation model for teachers in all phases of their careers, especially new teachers. 

Let's get started, contact us for a FREE consultation today! 

Social & Emotional Skills Programming


Cenacle Leadership Group is dedicated to providing exceptional social and emotional learning (SEL) support and strategies through our programs. We offer Virtual Scholar Coaches who are passionate about empowering Cenacle Scholars. Our Scholar coaches take a comprehensive approach, addressing students' social, emotional, and cognitive needs to ensure their overall development is fully supported.


At Cenacle Leadership Group, our Scholar Coaches seamlessly integrate a range of engaging activities and meaningful discussions that foster the growth of important skills such as resilience, problem-solving, and healthy coping strategies. We understand the significance of positive relationships and interpersonal skills, and we actively encourage collaboration, teamwork, and effective communication.


Our commitment to excellence means that Cenacle Leadership Group goes beyond traditional tutoring. Our Virtual Scholar Coaches provide personalized guidance and mentorship, creating an environment where students feel valued and empowered to achieve their full potential. By equipping students with the necessary tools and skills for success, we help them navigate their academic journey and beyond.

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